Maddie Rue Hot News Sunday, March 24, 2019

Malakai 1 Year and 8 Months
Malakai is enjoying being able to spend more time outside. He loves to go for walks, slide down the slide and swing. Kai's vocabulary is really starting to take off!! It's fun being able to hear what he is thinking :)
Malakai LOVES Maddie's new kitten and likes to carry him all over the house...I'm not sure Mieko appreciates that!
Makinnon 3 Years and 9 Months
The school year is just about over! So hard to believe! Makinnon is doing great at school, he knows all his letters, numbers, colors and shapes. He does so well that we were able to skip the parent teacher conference ;)

Sad news...Makinnon broke his leg at the beginning of May. Mak was jumping on the trampoline and must have landed funny. Off to the hospital Mommy and Mak went....broken tibia. Makinnon has been very brave and taking the pain like a champ, he chose to get a dark blue cast (his favorite color). He has had his cast on for about a week and has about 5 weeks left to go. Hoping he is still able to enjoy Summer!
Madelyn 12 Years and 1 Month
Maddie continues to do AWESOME in school...straight A's yet again! Maddie still enjoys serving at church, she works mostly with kindergarten and first grade and also dances with the worship team.
Softball is in full swing and her team is doing great! Looking forward to many games this season.
Maverick 9 Years and 10 Months
Maverick is really enjoying the warmer weather! Playing outside with friends, riding his bike, jumping on the trampoline....of course he still likes his Xbox ;)
The school year is quickly coming to an end and Maverick is working hard to make sure he keeps up his good grades. We are very proud of him!
Mav is looking forward to his upcoming birthday, we are working on a super fun party!
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